Amvac Agri Rasayan Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by young and dedicated entrepreneur & professional belonging to family who have rich experience in the field of Agro Chemical for over two decades. Amvac Agrirasayan Pvt. Ltd. is the marketing arm of Shimac Organics with manufacturing units in Hapur & Sikandrabad (U.P.).

The Family has been identifying the needs of the customers and satisfying them with products of highest quality and marketing efficiency.
In a short span of 3 years, the company has formulated Agro Chemicals, Bio Stimulant and Public Health Chemicals for the fulfillment of farmer and Pest Control Service provider's need in India.
Shimac Organics products are released in the market after stringent quality control checks, to ensure that the best product reaches to the end user.
The company has now entered the urban construction segment by continuing the legacy of Montari Industries brand Piramid.

Piramid is strong and effective termiticide incorporating technical Chlorpyriphos.lt is the 1 st branded termiticide in corporating Chlorpyriphos technical which was introduced in 1994 and is widely accepted. It is approved for soil treatment from Govt. Organization like Military Engineering Services, All India Radio, Engineering Projects India & Railway India Technical Engineering Services besides a large number of construction companies in public & private sector & is well accepted by service organizations in Pest Control Sector.

We have at this moment two well-equipped and staffed manufacturing unit in Hapur & Sikinderabad (U.P.) Shortly, we would start a most modern plant our 3rd in the country to give product of highest quality.
The Agriculture & Urban growth is very promising and Amvac Agrirasayan is very well equipped to meet the ever-growing challenges.


Insects attack man in a number of ways. Some simply annoy him, and some others directly injure him for his blood while a few, in the process, transmits various kinds of diseases to him. Disease such as Malaria, Filariasis, Dengue represent a significont impediment to economic development. as a result of lost working hours and the high cost of treating the sick and controlling the Vectors of Disease. Howevet individuals and communities can protect themselves from Vector-Borne Disease with a judicious use of pesticides.


BROMADIOLONE . 005% (MOKSH) is an anticoogulant rodenticide effective against all species of rates and mice including those resistant to other onticoagulants. CHLORPYRIPHOS (PIRAMID 20% EC I ELDEE 20% TC TERMITICIDE) is a moderately toxic organophosphate that is widely used in Urbon Pest Management for Control of Cockroaches, Flies, Termites and many other insects. CYPERMETHRIN 10% (AMClONE) 10% & 25%) FENVALERATE 20% EC (FLASH) Deltomethrin 2.5% (Scalp) are a synthetic pyrethorid insecticide that have fair flushing action, for cockroach knockdown and effective residual action on many surfaces.
DRY DILUENTS FLASH FENUALERATE DUST & MALA ON 5% DP (MALATHION DUST) are a group of powdered materials used in formulating insecticidal dusts or wettable powders. Most of them are inert. although some have insecticidal properties of their own. Some common examples of dry diluents are talc, pyrophyllite, attaclay bentonite and gypsum. MALATHION (ON 50% EC & MALA ON 5% DP) is an organophosphate with low-toxicity to humans. It is effective against a wide variety of insects and some mites. It is used primarily in adult mosquito abatement and turf and ornamentals pest management.
Piramid I Eldee 20% EC/fCask forCo'sseporate product literature.

TERMITES : Feed on wood, popet wood products, dry plant and animal products. Among termites, we have the soil inhabiting forms and the dry wood inhabiting form, the later damaging dry and damp woods. Termite proofing of wood can be done by pressure impregnation with (PIRAMID 20% ECIIC & ELDEE TC) Chlorpyriphos 20% ECIIC after the wood is cut at the glue-mixing stage of the iformation of plyboard sheet. Soil poisoning with PIRAMID 20% ECIIC & ELDEETC Chlorpyriphos 1 % ECIIC after the wood is cut and at be glue-mixing stage of the iformation of plyboard sheet. Soil poisoning with PlRAMID 20% ECIIC & ELDEE 20% EC'TC Chlorpyriphos 1% should be undertaken at the pre-construction stages. For termite barrier at per and post construction stages refer to the detailed product literature of PIRAMID 20% ECIIC & ELDEE 20% ECIIC.

COCKROACHES : Cockroaches are among the most common pests in many homes and other buildings. It is active at night and they search for food in kitchens. food storage places, rubbish bins, drains and sewers. They are pests because of their filthy habits and bad smell. Cokroach can sometimes play a role as carriers of intestinal diseases, such as diarrhea. dysentery typhoid fever and cholera. The insects can be controlled by surface spray application of the following range of Amvac Rasayan's chemical and the dosoges as per the recommendation of W.H.O.